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SCORE's counselors, comprised of over 100 working and retired local senior level executives across a wide variety of businesses, provide in-business and start up clients with free confidential business counseling in a one-on-one or group setting tailored to fit your needs.

Free Mentoring

SCORE counselors and local business owners with a specific area of expertise conduct a variety of very popular, regularly scheduled, low-cost and free educational seminars that provide valuable information necessary for establishing and managing a successful small business.

Workshops & Events

Take advantage of our counselor’s wealth of expertise by downloading one or more of over 100 of our proprietary FREE Business Briefs and templates which cover a wide range of ‘HOW TO” subjects including how to get your business started, form a business enterprise, develop a 3 year business plan, find financing and how to market and

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Discover How SCORE Can Assist With Your Small Business Startup

For over 50 years, SCORE has served as America’s premier source of free, confidential business education and mentoring.

Most of our mentors are experienced business owners and managers. They understand your challenges because they’ve faced them too.

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Greater Cincinnati SCORE Impact on the local community 2017

  • 1100 New Businesses Started
  • Nearly 500 Jobs Created
  • 41% of SCORE Clients were in Business
  • 59% of SCORE Clients were Startups


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Growing Organizational Relationships

Mentor, Jim Stahly grows organizational relationships to expand local Greater Cincinnati's entrepreneurial base faster

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