By Donna

Comprehensive Business Plan Outline

  • Your Company’s Name, Address, Phone, Fax, email, and web site address.
  • Owners or owners-to-be
  • Prepared by
  • List contact information for someone to answer questions about the plan.
  • Personalize where submitted to a prospective stakeholder.

I.  Non-Disclosure Agreement (where appropriate)

II.  Table of Contents

III.  Executive Summary

  • This is a one to three page highlight of the business concept • Demonstrate management expertise, and market potential
    • Provide sales and profit forecast and financing needed

IV.  Operations Plan

  • Business Concept
    • Type and size of business
    • History (if any)
    • The product/service and what makes it unique
    • General description of customers
    • Patents/Copyrights (if any)
  • Production/Service Plan (typical cycle in your business operations)
  • The Facility
  • Suppliers

V.  The Market

  • Market size-past and projected
    • Market trends-future
    • Products in the market
    • Market players
    • Market segments and growth potential
    • Market distribution methods
    • Competitive analysis

VI.  Market Strategy/Implementation

  • Target market by segment; identify your niche
    • Pricing strategy, such as lowest priced, value priced, or premium priced.

There are three Briefs on pricing; see 7.00 (Retail), 7.01 (Services), 7.02 (Manufacture) • Desired company image

  • Advertising and public relations
    • Methods of selling and servicing, distribution channels to be used • Warranty policies

VII.  Products/Services

  • Describe the product/service
    • What is its competitive advantage/disadvantage?
    • Identify the costs involved; set necessary margin amount • Explore future Products/Services

VIII.  Research & Development (where applicable)

IX.  Operations

  • Facilities requirements
    • Labor requirements
    • Production options
    • Capital needs, equipment list
    • Controls and other considerations

X.  Management

  • The Management Team
    • Legal structure of the business
    • Personnel hired, and expected to be hired • Business advisors

XI.  Goals and Milestones

  • A statement of business objectives
    • A listing of measurable near-term and long-term goals • Milestone dates.

XII.  Financial

  1. Current Conditions
  • Personal financial statement
  • Past tax reports
  • Historical financial statements of the business, where applicable (balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow statements).
    1. Forecasts (three to five years) • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Changes in Shareholders’ Equity
    1. Request for financing, sources and uses of funds

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Comprehensive Business Plan Outline