Once again we offer you a roundup of the multiple resources available through SCORE.

Starting Your Own Business

Want to start your own business? Our best advice to you is “Be careful!”

Why? Because more than half of new businesses fail in their first five years of operation. And, with that failure, the owner incurs a significant loss of time, money, and credibility and, frequently, his good credit rating.

Business Information Centers

Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana maintain information offices which provide start-up and operating businesses with free kits containing valuable information on taxes, licenses, permits, and other regulation requirements

Forms to Register your Business in Ohio

We don’t want you guessing what forms you need to launch your business in Ohio. This brief will direct you to the right resource to access:

  •  Business Name Search
  •  Guide to Name Availability
  •  Filing Forms and Fee Schedule

Area Public Library Reference Material and Services

We often forget about this valuable resource in our Cincinnati community. This guide will direct you to where and how to access the valuable information and people that can assist you with research and more.

Start-Up Costs of Going into Business

When starting a business, you need to plan for your initial costs and understand their taxation. This is not an area you want to guess about and you must understand what the tax implications will be. Don’t be surprised.

SCORE National Web Site Resources

We have put together a list with links to the startup resources that are also available through the national Score web site. There are 27 resources covering areas such as Identifying Your Sales Strategy to What to do First With a Great Business Idea.

IRS Considerations for Startup Businesses

Anyone starting or thinking of starting a new business should be aware of their federal tax responsibilities. This brief has the top seven things the IRS wants you to know if you plan on opening a new business this year or next.

Market Research

Market research is defined as research that gathers and analyzes information about the moving of goods or services from producer to consumer.

There are two main approaches to conducting market research. These include:

  •  Developing primary data via surveys and focus groups
  •  Using secondary data, that which is available through publicly accessible sources

Discover how to use them both to gather the information you need to create a successful business.

Service Providers to Small Business

It is not enough to have all of the information you may need but it is critical to have the right team in your corner to help you implement the information you have uncovered.

We want to offer a list of references to service providers in the Greater Cincinnati area in categories of primary interest to entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

Finally, don’t forget one of your team members can be a Score Mentor that offers mentoring for free. Request your mentor here.

These resources and much more is available on the Cincinnati Scores tools and resources page of briefs.

Everything a Start Up Needs to Know