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Breakeven Analysis - SCORE 4.13

It’s important, particularly for start-up companies, to understand the level of sales volume that they need to achieve in order to be financially viable. That level is the... Read more


Spreadsheet to Calculate Breakeven Sales Level - SCORE 4.13.01

Download this responsive income statement spreadsheet to calculate your breakeven analysis. Fill in your values and get your variable expenses, fixed expenses, and profit/loss... Read more


Business Feasibility Analysis - SCORE 4.15

The object of the BFA is to establish whether or not the venture is worth (1) putting the time, effort and expense into proceeding with all the steps necessary to start a new... Read more


Granting Credit to a Customer - SCORE 4.31

The small business operator must realize that granting credit will be, and should be, one of their major concerns. Poor credit and collection policies have resulted in the failure... Read more


Sample Credit Application Form - SCORE 4.33

Download this three-page credit application form template to consider extending a line of credit for your business. The form has sections for organization information, primary... Read more


Successful Accounts Receivable Collections - SCORE 4.35

One of the major impediments to collecting money is simply not knowing who the players/people are inside the client who is not paying. You need to know who is really empowered to... Read more


Credit Score - SCORE 4.39

Many lenders base their loan decisions on your credit score. Your credit score comes from a complicated mathematical equation that considers all components of your credit report.... Read more


Small Claims Court - SCORE 4.41

Most counties have a Small Claims Court where you can collect on debts owed, do not need an attorney, and the process is relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy. Using the four... Read more


Inventory Accounting and Control - SCORE 4.51

The purpose of inventory control is to organize items so that sufficient units are on hand and readily available to satisfy customer orders within a reasonable timetable while... Read more


Leasing Versus Buying Equipment - SCORE 4.53

Should you lease equipment for your factory, warehouse, store or office, or should you buy it - - assuming Your capital is limited and you must borrow or lease to finance the... Read more


Leasing versus Buying: Business Location- SCORE 4.54

Should you lease business property for your factory, warehouse, store or office, or should you buy it? The assistance of a financial advisor is strongly recommended, as the... Read more


SWOT Analysis - SCORE 4.59

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for Advanced Competitive Analysis (SWOT Analysis)looking at the Opportunities and Threats... Read more