How SCORE helped. 

WOW Window Boxes of Cincinnati is growing revenue faster than expected.

The five-year-old company is SCORE’s July Client of the Month.

Revenue was $400,000 last year and is on track to hit $750,000 this year. The Western Hills-based company has eight employees.

The business run by mother and son partners Sue and Bret Schneider designs floral and plant window boxes and containers for businesses and homes, changing out designs each season.  WOW custom-builds each client window box, services  each box, and provides an automatic drip irrigation system to keep plantings fresh and vibrant.

“Your home is your biggest purchase and window boxes increase your curb appeal,” said Bret Schneider of Newport, Ky.  “The more pleasing you can make your home or business, the more welcoming it is, and more people are attracted to it.”

Seventy five percent of their business is residential, and about 25 percent is commercial, Schneider said.

The Schneiders began working with SCORE counselor Dave Harris of West Chester about three years ago and meet with three or four SCORE team mentors monthly to learn more about marketing, business operations and planning.

“The biggest area Dave and SCORE counselors has helped us with is focus,” said Schneider. “They help us focus on planning, developing our business model and determining  which way to go to focus on our core competencies. They ask questions we might not have considered and provide a valuable perspective.”

Harris said when he first met with the Schneiders, he was impressed that they knew what they wanted to do and what product they wanted to sell. “They also knew who would buy their product and what it would take to sell the business,” he said. “We spent a lot of time brainstorming how they could reach their preferred customers with an effective marketing message and how they could use their current customers to help. We also encouraged them to have a business plan and to change it when they found programs that worked or didn't work.”

The Schneiders plan to eventually franchise the business, so were eager for different ideas and opinions, said Schneider.  “Our counselor and others have provided us with invaluable direction and  insight. SCORE is like a one-stop shop for helping build a small business.”

SCORE-Cincinnati is the volunteer arm of the Small Business Administration. Its 100 counselors are working and retired executives who provide free marketing, finance and operations counseling and no-cost and low-cost seminars for small business owners and new entrepreneurs.

For more information about SCORE, its counseling and seminars, go to or call (513) 684-2812.                                 

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WOW Window Boxes