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Credit Reports & Credit Scores 101

Your personal credit history does affect your credit score, which in turn serves as benchmark for business financing and credit.  This webinar explains what is in a credit... Read more
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SCORE Greater Cincinnati - Regional Business Briefs

Leveraging the expertise of our SCORE Greater Cincinnati Ohio counselors, we have written 100+ easy-to-understand FREE Business Briefs on a wide variety of business subjects. Read more


Start-Up Costs of Going into Business - SCORE 1.05

When you are in the development and planning stage of starting a business, you need to plan for your initial costs and understand their taxation. Read more


Your Business Accountant - SCORE 4.01

Every small business owner needs an accountant to support the financial activities of the business. From the first year of start-up, you must set-up your financial records to... Read more


Personal Financial Statement - SBA 413

SBA uses the information required by Form 413 as one of a number of data sources in analyzing the repayment ability and creditworthiness of an application for an SBA guaranteed 7(... Read more


Projected Financial Statements - SCORE 4.05

Projected Financials Statements are a best estimate of a firm's future financial position. Testing the assumptions behind these statements is a critical part of developing your... Read more


SCORE Financial Projection Model

This responsive spreadsheet walks you through the process of developing an integrated set of financial projections. Read more


Key Financial Ratios - SCORE 4.11

Financial ratios are designed to measure aspects of financial performance. These ratios can be meaningful used alone, but are generally more useful when compared to other... Read more


Breakeven Analysis - SCORE 4.13

It’s important, particularly for start-up companies, to understand the level of sales volume that they need to achieve in order to be financially viable. That level is the... Read more


Spreadsheet to Calculate Breakeven Sales Level - SCORE 4.13.01

Download this responsive income statement spreadsheet to calculate your breakeven analysis. Fill in your values and get your variable expenses, fixed expenses, and profit/loss... Read more


Business Feasibility Analysis - SCORE 4.15

The object of the BFA is to establish whether or not the venture is worth (1) putting the time, effort and expense into proceeding with all the steps necessary to start a new... Read more


Loans - SCORE 5.01

SCORE Brief #5.01 will go over loans. Read more