SCORE has been counseling new and existing businesses for over 50 years in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area and has a network of over 100 business executives who donate their time to help entrepreneurs. 

Free One-on-One Counseling It's unlimited and confidential! We provide you with expertise that will start you on the right path towards your business goals. Leverage the knowledge and experience of our SCORE Counselors who come from virtually every business category you can imagine: marketing... manufacturing... service... retail sales... etc. by signing up for a your counselor below. Once you sign up, a counselor will call to schedule a time to meet.  As one client recently said about one of our counselors, “She is an amazing sounding board. She is a great listener and very passionate about helping.”

Free Group Counseling Available to all local SCORE clients, with emphasis given to those already in-business with more complex needs.  One (1) hour appointments are scheduled with each client with ongoing periodic follow up meetings to discuss progress.  At each meeting clients meet with several SCORE counselors who have different business backgrounds and areas of expertise. Ongoing use of this format has allowed SCORE clients to create an advisory panel to help them to make progress toward their goals and growing their businesses with expert assistance.  As one SCORE client recently stated, “The (SCORE group counseling) information is priceless and everyone I have met so far really cares about my succeeding.”

Whether your starting out or are in business, we are here to help you succeed. In order to assign the most suitable counselor for your needs and expedite scheduling we recommend you include answers to the following questions on the "Request a Meeting" Form below.

1. Describe your business idea and the target market.
2. Who are your competitors and how competitive is your idea?
3. What is your business experience related to your business idea?
4. How do you plan to fund the cost of starting your business?
5. What guidance or assistance are you asking from SCORE?

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