Cincinnati, Ohio—January 7, 2020 —Bayzi Corporation has developed the cleaning technology needed to quickly fight the spread of viruses like COVID-19 as well as bacteria, fungi, bed bugs and biofilms. The Woodlawn-based company’s machines also provide a quick way to clean dust and grease.

Bayzi engineers have patented a process, MightySteam®, used in their patented line of antimicrobial steam cleaners called SaniZap®. The equipment safely sanitizes almost any surface, leaving no residue, moisture or harmful chemicals. The process is 600 times faster than chemical sanitization, making it ideal for following CDC guidelines that call for frequent sanitization. 

To get the idea to market quickly, wife and husband team Anu Vissa and Jai Sekhar turned to business mentors at SCORE Greater Cincinnati.

“Sanitation and hygiene will take on new meaning after this pandemic just like it changed forever after previous pandemics,” Vissa said. “The committed and experienced volunteers at SCORE are a precious resource. Over the course of 25 years, SCORE mentors have generously assisted us with our primary business, MHI Inc., and they continue to be friends.”

Throughout 2020, Vissa and Sekhar met online with SCORE Mentors Kelly Dehan and Kim Jordan. The mentors have provided feedback on product positioning and marketing as well as uncovering opportunities. 

"Bayzi's product reaches places and spaces that conventional cleaners can't, with more complete coverage and sanitation." Jordan said. "We're excited for the potential this innovative product has to help businesses clean and sanitize their facilities." 

“This amazing and talented couple have revolutionized cleaning to be extremely effective and safe,” Dehan said. “We at SCORE are very proud to help them succeed in their business.”

Bayzi received a JobsOhio Inclusion Grant to support the development of SaniZap®, which may be pre-ordered by contacting Various models of the portable equipment accommodate a range of facilities and price points. SaniZap®-1 and SaniZap®-Mini are handheld devices designed for small spaces and small businesses. With more power, the SaniZap®-4 is a versatile, multipurpose cleaning machine on wheels. It can be used at lower steam temperatures with soap or detergent to quickly clean visible dirt and grime, and it can produce higher steam temperatures for anti-microbial sanitizing. The devices have been demonstrated in schools, hospitals and restaurants. 

SCORE Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana Chapter is a nonprofit organization with approximately 100 experienced volunteers who offer free mentoring in all aspects of business development and operations. The chapter offers low-cost educational seminars and maintains an extensive library of business briefs and online webinars. SCORE is the oldest and largest free business mentoring organization in the US with over 12,000 volunteers nationwide who are motivated to give back to their local communities through their support of small business.


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