Nani Massage opened its doors in January 2015 with 3 very dedicated, experienced and professional massage therapists at the helm. They based their massage therapy business on the idea that massage should extend far beyond just pampering and relaxation to a ritual that is necessary for optimal health.  They planned to combine the holistic powers of therapeutic massage plus various healing ingredients to deliver a transformational client experience that would rejuvenate the body, quiet the mind, and refresh the soul.  In fact, they set Nani Massage’s core ambition as revolutionizing the massage therapy experience to allow their clients to experience a better form of well-being and life through massage.

Everything looked great for a very successful start-up. Their location was beautiful. The specially designed platform tables were in place. New therapists and receptionists had been hired and trained. The first few weeks were completely booked with clients.  All systems seemed to be ‘go’ for a very successful launch.

But, as always happens in a business, some unforeseen circumstances arose.  Nancy, Matt and Ashley are smart business owners and reacted quickly to what they saw happening around them.  They made changes in their staffing levels, recruiting techniques, pricing and a dozen other improvements.  However, even though the momentum was heading in the right direction, they knew they needed help.  

How SCORE helped. 

That is when they sought out SCORE.  From the very first meeting, Gilbert Minson, Dick Wendel, and Jane Vanderhorst recognized their potential and gave them the confidence to go full steam ahead. Upon their SCORE counselors’ advice, Nancy, Matt and Ashley shortened the business’ name, restructured pricing, put branding in place, redeveloped the website and so much more.    

All that hard work paid off.  By the end of 2015, Nani had surpassed every goal they had set and had performed 4500+ massages that year.  They are profitable and even better; they are growing at a fast, but sustainable pace.  They believe that “SCORE quite literally changed their lives and saved their company.”  The Nani SCORE partnership continues with frequent check-ins to make sure they are on the right path. 

Nani Massage