With counselors Dan O’Conner and Carlin Stamm assistance to create a business plan and hone business skills entrepreneur Taren Kinebrew already had see how SCORE helped the owner of Sweet Petit Desserts, winner of a 2012 Bad Girl Ventures $25,000 business loan, became SCORE’s September Client of the Month.  

How SCORE helped. 

Entrepreneur Taren Kinebrew has found her ‘sweet spot’ with small, exquisitely decorated and delicious desserts. The owner of Sweet Petit Desserts and winner of a 2012 Bad Girl Ventures $25,000 business loan, Kinebrew is using the money to move from a home-based business in North Avondale to an Over-The-Rhine storefront at 1426 Race St.

The four-year-old company is SCORE’s September Client of the Month. Sweet Petit revenue has grown steadily from 2009, when Kinebrew began baking desserts and selling them to friends. Her second year, revenue was up 25 percent; and last year she reported revenue was up 50 percent. This year, she said profits will be “interesting, but we’re doing fine overall” because of expenses associated with opening her store. 2 Most of Kinebrew’s business comes from catered events: business meetings, weddings and charity events.

The firm has two employees and the Race Street location will offer retail desserts and coffee to go. There will also be a small space for children’s parties of 12 or less. SCORE counselor Carlin Stamm of Cincinnati has worked with Kinebrew for about a year and a half. She began working with SCORE counselor Dan O’Connor in 2011, before he moved to Virginia. O’Connor helped her create a business plan.

“Taren has a lot of self-confidence and presence,” said Stamm. “She is willing to work hard. If I have done anything for her, it was to pull together skills she already had and take the extra steps to open the storefront.” Kinebrew is a former IT programmer who considers baking her real passion and gift. She learned to bake as child with her mother and grandmother. She invested about $16,000 into baking ovens and lighting, and property owner 3CDC is upgrading her store. Kinebrew said she noticed over time that restaurants tended to offer huge desserts to patrons, some of it going to waste at the end of a meal.

“I wanted people to recognize that they could get good taste from eating dessert without over-indulging,” she said. “People like to appreciate what they eat and know they can have dessert, but you don’t need a fourth of a cake to be satisfied.” 3 Smaller desserts and foods have been trending nationally for a few years, said Kinebrew. Her desserts include: double chocolate brownie bites; key lime bars; lemon pound cake bites; cheesecake pops; cake shooters; red velvet bites; petit fours; and pie tartlettes. New items to be added this year will include crème brulee, strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse.

For more information about Sweet Petit Desserts, go to www.sweetpetitdesserts.com or call (513) 443-5094

Sweet Petit Desserts